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Integrate was founded in 1983 with a vision to pioneer a different way of supporting people with learning disabilities and complex needs – in a way that reflected our belief that every person has a right to be a valued member of the community.

This vision for community-based support was brought to life 35 years ago when Integrate became the first of its kind in Lancashire to support numerous adults to move out of long stay hospitals and into their own homes within their local community and enjoy the rights that we continue to uphold as our mission:

  • To enable adults and young people with learning disabilities and others in need in the community to participate in full and valued lives in the community;
  • To support people in their right to choose within the constraints imposed on everyone in society;
  • To ensure people are supported and challenged in their choice and through this, to achieve growth, self-esteem and respect from others;
  • To support people with the skills and help needed to achieve the lifestyle they choose;
  • To support people to develop a full range of relationships from close intimate friends to a range of acquaintances;
  • To organise support and services such that people are accorded equal value and status;
  • To mediate with other services and the community to support people in their rights and value within the community;
  • To ensure that services are tailored to support people with their individuality and in the context of their cultural needs, social backgrounds and previous experiences, as well as in relation to their future aspirations.

To this day, we continue to push boundaries and challenge in order to empower people to grow, feel valued and to live the life they choose.

Our Executive Team

Leading Integrate is more than just a job to our executive team – they are change makers and a passionate bunch that believe each person should be able to live their life to the fullest in their community.

The professionalism, expertise, energy and enthusiasm they have to make this a reality for the people we support filters through to our dynamic and dedicated workforce.

Sue Pemberton

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

“When Integrate was started, it was a different and new way to care – and is still breaking boundaries today.”

Sue is at the helm of Integrate – a passionate leader who understands the needs of people with learning disabilities and complex needs to live the lives they choose and the barriers they may face. She is driven to campaigning for and pioneering change.

She draws on 35 years of working with people with learning disabilities and complex needs – from residential and day care services to in the community – to lead the day-to-day operations of Integrate.

Sue, who has a diploma in Management and Social Work, was appointed CEO in 2010.

Peter Green

Director, ISS 

“Our social enterprises give the people we work with the opportunity to build confidence, make friends, learn new skills and be treated as equals.”

Peter leads our social enterprises; which are vital to our support work in providing diverse day opportunities and work experience for the people we work with, as well as providing an income for Integrate and raising our profile in the community. He also leads supported living services in our womens’ and older peoples’ services including neighbourhood and outreach programmes.
He joined the team in 2010 bringing with him many years of experience in mental health.

Andy Guthrie

Director, Corporate Services

“The success of Integrate is built on people, and our staff are the engine of the organisation, so making sure we recruit and develop the right people – who share our belief that every individual has a right to be a valued member of their community – is essential.”

Andy’s work behind the scenes at Integrate is crucial to the delivery of our services, leading the finance and HR department as well as IT and training. He joined the team in 2009.

Andrew Watson

Director, New Focus

“New Focus – Helping people with a learning disability to have a life worth living.”

Andy is the director of our specialist New Focus service based across the Northwest of England. He has worked for Integrate since November 2000 when he joined as a support worker.

Andy now leads a specialist team of support workers that engage with people with complex needs to help them to integrate back into the community.

Andy is a Social Work England Registered Social Worker (SW42419), holds a management award, a PG Cert LD/MH Forensic Practice and British Sign Language level 2. Andy is also a senior Positive Behaviour Management trainer and delivers Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) accredited PBM training both internally and externally across the Northwest.

Meet The Board

Tom McLean


Tom was one of the first people directly involved in getting Integrate off the ground back in the 1970s and getting people out of Calderstones Hospital, where he worked as a Clinical Nursing Manager, into the community.

He is the President of Integrate and a Full Board Member as well as a Member of the  New Focus Sub Board and the Remuneration Committee.

Dave Naden


Dave is a former Executive Director of Linkability, working with people who have learning difficulties and/or complex health and social care needs and has been a project worker for a national charity, as well as conducting social work with people who have physical disabilities, and has worked as a mental health nurse.

Dave is the current chair and has been a Full Board Member since 2002. He is a member of Finance Committee, the New Focus Sub Board, Remuneration Committee. Until his retirement – he was also a Member of LLDC (Lancashire Learning Disability Consortium) holding the position of Chair.

John Dunn

Vice Chair

Sadly John passed away on the 13th of May 2022.  He will be greatly missed by all who worked with him.

Before his retirement, John worked for British Telecom, as a manager for Planning and Road Works Repayment and overhead construction installations and external line plant planning, taking him to work overseas in Africa and Afghanistan.

John was appointed as a Board of Trustee member in 1996 and was the deputy chair.

He was a member of the Finance Committee, the ISS/ISE Sub Board and a Member of the Remuneration Committee.

Other Board Members

Maureen Robinson, John Kay, Lynda Arkwright, John Dunn, Paul McKeown, Nancy Homan, Tom McLean and Terry Keely. (Not shown Dave Naden and Mark Bleasdale.)

Integrate Community Support Services in Lancashire – Site Content Guide

Integrate supports adults and young people aged 14 and above with learning disabilities and complex needs in Lancashire and Greater Manchester to lead the lives they choose and be a valued member of the community - This site showcases our work giving support services to people with learning disabilities with community support services including Social Enterprises which help people with learning disabilities or complex needs build new skills, confidence, make new friends and be treated as equals in a work and community environment. Contact Integrate for Learning Difficulties or Complex Needs Support, Domiciliary Care, Personal Care, Care in the Home, and Care in the Local Community.

See our Social Enterprises providing Wood Recycling, a Garden Centre and other Community Care Services

The Web Site reflects our commitment to support services across Greater Manchester, Preston, Lancashire, and South Ribble.

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