• Privacy Policy

    We operate with a strict commitment under GDPR to secure and protect the privacy of personal data.

  • Privacy Policy

    We operate with a strict commitment under GDPR to secure and protect the privacy of personal data.

We operate with a strict commitment under GDPR to secure and protect the privacy of personal data relating to website visitors, customers or clients, employees, suppliers, any associated business or any persons with whom we may have contact or had contact.

In order to ensure we properly manage the use of personal data we have appointed a specific person to supervise and monitor data protection compliance and security, their contact details are at the foot of this notice.

We have a policy of assessing the risks associated with our use of data and we take every possible step to protect and secure any information regarding the identity of any third parties. We will only use or share any personal data if consent has been obtained from the person or persons affected individually. Our strict privacy procedures mean that we will not release any information gained from the website about the identity of any person or body corporate to any third party without express written consent which may be withdrawn at any time.

We use an online contact form which is only utilised for trade or business enquiries. Our contact form obtains an opt in to enable visitors to elect to receive information from us. There are email links within the site which take the user to our main contact email address. Any contact or personal information about the identity of any person or body corporate using our contact links will be retained for a maximum of two years unless there are ongoing commercial reasons for retaining such information which will be limited to a continuing trading or business relationship.

We do not store any information about individual surfing or browsing habits of users other than using Google Analytics which is used to measure how people use our website. We look at reports to make sure that our website is providing the best possible service for our users. Google Analytics does not identify you personally – it just collects data about your visit to our website. We do not directly or indirectly release information to any third party regarding the identity of individual persons or corporate bodies with whom we may come in contact. Whilst we do not intentionally release such information any information gained about any organisation or person displayed within this web site is such which is in the public domain.

Should we carry out any marketing activity to non-limited organisations, customers, or individuals, we shall only make contact if we have gained your express consent so to do. Anybody wishing to have their details removed from data held by us may unsubscribe or request removal at any time. We shall organise removal within 2 working days of any such removal request although unsubscribe links selected in any mailing will be automatic and immediate.

In the event of any serious data breach which may include data theft, misappropriation, misuse or fraud, we shall report the matter within 72 hours to the Information Commissioner’s Office. A serious data breach is one which may result in a risk to people’s rights and freedoms or where there may be a potential serious misuse of such data. Our policy is to record any personal data breaches irrespective of whether they are serious.

If any person or body corporate has concerns regarding the use or misuse of information about personal privacy or data please immediately contact us. Our appointed compliance officer in respect of our data protection activities is: Andy Guthrie, Corporate Services Director. Tel: 01772 730312 email: andy.g@integratepreston.org.uk

Current privacy policies (March 2020)

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