Individual Support for Individual People

Individual Support for Individual People

  • Welcome to Integrate

    Who We Are

  • Welcome to Integrtae

    Who We Are

A Brief History

The picture below brings to mind a bad old world where people with learning disabilities were locked away in great big hospitals – you’re probably thinking that’s all very Dickensian

But The Royal Albert Hospital in Lancaster was still being used in the 1980s!

History of Integrate

Our brief history reflects the story of many people with learning disabilities who had been shut away in these long stay hospitals - out of sight - out of mind.

Because hospital services were ward and group-based rather than based on individuals’ needs, people's basic rights and needs inevitably were gravely compromised.

The ideas of Integrate was therefore nurtured in the late 70’s by a number of people - relatives and professionals - who believed that people with learning disabilities, irrespective of the level of disability, had the right to live in the community, and were confident that with the right level of support people could live in ordinary houses, a part of their local community with the same rights and choices as everyone else.

On 14th November 1983 the first three people with learning disabilities moved into their own four-bedroomed tenancy in Brackenbury Road - back to their home town Preston after many years in long-stay hospital. The next three moved to a supported flat on 28th November 1983 before moving to their own shared 3-bedroomed terraced house in Ripon St in the following January.

One of those first few people was Eileen and if she was still here today, we’re sure she’d tell you what she told us - “It’s hard sometimes, but I’d never choose to go back to those hospital days.”

From that small start we’ve developed over 25 years of service and we’re still looking forward….

Our Mission

MISSION & PURPOSE: “Our primary purpose is to support people with learning disabilities in their right to choose the life they would like to lead” through the following objectives:

  • To enable adults and young people with learning disabilities and others in need in the community to participate in full and valued lives in the community;
  • To support people in their right to choose within the constraints imposed on everyone in society;
  • To ensure people are supported and challenged in their choice and through this, to achieve growth, self-esteem and respect from others;
  • To support people with the skills and help needed to achieve the lifestyle they choose;
  • To support people to develop a full range of relationships from close intimate friends to a range of acquaintances;
  • To organise support and services such that people are accorded equal value and status;
  • To mediate with other services and the community to support people in their rights and value within the community;
  • To ensure that services are tailored to support people with their individuality and support people in the context of their cultural needs, social backgrounds and previous experiences, as well as in relation to their future aspirations.

The Executive Team

Integrates day-to-day operations are lead and managed by the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is supported by three Directors who each run the core functions that make up Integrate. These are;

  • Sue Pemberton

    Sue Pemberton
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Sue was appointed CEO at the end of 2010. Sue has worked with Integrate since 1994. She has a Diploma in Management & Social work and over 25 years’ experience in residential & day care services for learning disabled service users.

  • Peter Green

    Peter Green
    Director, ISS

    Peter joined Integrate in November 2010 bringing with him many years of experience in mental health. He now leads the provision of supported living services in Women’s, Elders, Neighbourhood and Outreach departments.

  • Andy Guthrie

    Andy Guthrie
    Director, Corporate Services

    Andy joined Integrate in July 2009. He leads Integrate’s support functions including Finance, HR, Training and IT.

  • John Hutchinson

    John Hutchinson
    Director, New Focus

    John Hutchinson joined Integrate in 1991 and has over thirty years experiences working for people who have complex needs.

The Board of Trustees

David Naden, Acting Chair

LD Professional

Tom McLean, President

Tom was instrumental in the founding of Integrate back in the '80s'. He is the retired Head of Nursing Services, Calderstones Hospital and continues to have active involvements in the learning disabilities field.

Maureen Robinson, Lead Audit Trustee

Maureen is a retired University Head of Department (Health Studies) and a former Chair of Integrate

Linda Arkwright - Professional Psychotherapist & Consultant

Mark Bleasdale - Service User Representative

John Dunn - Engineer - retd

Nancy Homan - LD Professional -retd

John Kay - Lawyer

Terence Keely – Family Representative

Paul McKeown - Commercial Accountant

Kath Mercer - LD Professional - retd