Not your average office job from rota co-ordination to matchmaking: “It is about the right personality to work here.”

Katie Kellett applied for a job at Integrate as a stop gap after university but ended up loving her work and is six years in with us.

She has been a project worker and was promoted to a senior project worker quickly, now she is office-based, as the rota co-ordinator, managing the administration for Integrate and acting as a match maker with the service users and support workers. Here Katie tells us all about it.

“I manage the rotas for 55 staff and 12 clients and interview potential staff and set up training and helping people to gain qualifications.

“Quite often people who apply for the jobs don’t have experience of this type of work, but that is fine, it is very much about whether you have the right personality to work with the People we Support. Matching personalities and pairing People we Support with support workers is really important.

“We are not always looking for carers in the traditional sense, we want people to care, but the main aim is to promote independence so having shared interests with the person or persons that you work with is key to a lot of the success and longevity of the staff at Integrate.

“I love my job and there is always an opportunity to continue to progress. It feels great when we help the People we Support to get a job when they thought they couldn’t and have always been told they couldn’t. It is a great feeling.”


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