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Gender Pay Gap Report

03 April 2018

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

As an employer with over 250 employees we are required to publish our Gender Pay Gap.

This is the first time we have reported this information and it is based on data as at April 2017.

I can confirm that I believe the calculations are an accurate representation of that data.

What the figures show are:

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 2.2% lower than men’s – In other words when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 98p for every £1 that men earn.
  • Women’s median hourly rates are the same as men’s.
  • No bonuses were paid.

The reason for the gap is shown in the table below:


There are a disproportionate number of women at the lowest level payscales and this is most visible in the drop in women’s representation as people move progress into the lower middle quartile. So we must put in place strong support to enable those women who wish to progress through the organisation to do so.

It is encouraging to note that thing improve in the top half of the table where women are more strongly represented.

The Systems Workstream will be looking at ways to improve progression and will keep a close focus on the implications for minimising the Pay Gender Gap, I will keep you informed on progress later in the year.

Sue Pemberton


3 April 2018