Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – 3 April 2019

As an employer with over 250 employees we are required to publish our Gender Pay Gap.

This is the second time we have reported this information and it is based on data as at April 2018.

I can confirm that I believe the calculations are an accurate representation of that data.

What the figures show are:

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 1.8% lower than men’s – In other words when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 98p for every £1 that men earn. This is an improvement on the 2.2%  we reported last year.
  • Women’s median hourly rates are 0.1% above the men’s rate meaning we pay women fractionally more than men on the median measure. This is a small change on last year when women and men were paid the same.
  • No bonuses were paid.

The reason for the gap is shown in the table below:

The primary reason for the improvement in the results is that although the ratio between women and women across the organisation is broadly unchanged the proportion of women in the lower quartile reduced from 64.4% to 55.1%.

It is encouraging to note that this improvement is also reflected in the two middle quartiles, though to a lesser extent, but this does show that the work carried out by The Systems Workstream, which looked at ways to improve progression in the organisation, has been effective.

We will continue to work on removing the Gender Pay Gap on the mean measure and I will keep you informed on progress later in the year.

Sue Pemberton


3 April 2019


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