Gender Pay Gap Report – April 2019

As an employer with over 250 employees, we are required to publish our Gender Pay Gap.

This is the third time we have reported this information and it is based on data as at April 2019.

I can confirm that I believe the calculations are an accurate representation of that data.

What the figures show are:

  • At Integrate, women earn £1 for every £1 that men earn when comparing median hourly wages. This is a small change from last year when women earned 0.1% more than men.
  • When comparing mean hourly wages, women’s mean hourly wage is 4.4% lower than men’s. This a change from last year when the women’s mean hourly rate is 1.8% lower than men’s.
  • No bonuses were paid.

The reason for the gap is shown in the table below:

The primary reason for the deterioration in the results is that the ratio between men and women in the Lower Middle quartile moved to 63.3% from 54.3% this was due to the recruitment of more women in support roles.  This had the effect of increasing the number of women below the mean by 20 and thereby reducing the mean for this year. In comparison, the number of men below the mean remained relatively unchanged (+1). The net effect resulted in an increase of the mean gap to 4.4% from 1.8%.

The Median gap of -0.1% was eliminated this year, partly as a consequence of the increased number of women mentioned above. The change was not as pronounced due to the large number of men and women in that median pay band.

We will continue to work on removing the Gender Pay Gap on the mean measure and I will keep you informed on progress later in the year.

Andy Guthrie

Corporate Services Director

1 April 2020


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